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Originally Posted by Mom2Carter View Post
What a tempting day for me, but I am proud to say that I stayed strong and feel so good about it! Today at work, someone brought in bagels and donuts. Those were definitely my weaknesses pre-IP. Today I was just grossed out watching all my coworkers dive for those and then hear them complain about how they shouldn't have eaten them and how tired they are. Then tonight we celebrated my sister in law's bday with teriyaki chicken and rice. My mother in law is so great, she cooked me my plain chicken and even threw in some veggies to be sautéed. They definitely helped. It was a little harder to pass on bye be cake and ice cream, but I am happily at home enjoying my cafe caramel shake.

Congrats to everyone who is staying 100% OP and keeping your health and body #1!
Outstanding Mom2Carter! You know, most of the time that stuff doesn't even bother me any more. It's like, yeah that might taste good but I'm not going to even try it. I love the way I feel staying OP too much.

And so sweet of your mother in law to be supportive - I find it so much easier to stay OP when the people around me understand what I am trying to do. And those who don't, well I just don't make plans with them that include meals and try to have an activity scheduled. Like, let's go to X museum or go try on clothes or something similar.

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