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Day 3: With Glucomannan

Weight loss: 3.4 lb!!

That's another 1.6 lb gone overnight!! Water? Possibly. Coincidence? Possibly. But I don't care - I'm happy! It'll probably stay the same for a week now and depress me.

Calories: 1294.
Friday night is pizza night in our house. Pre-weight loss I would normally have half a large pizza (900 cals) plus garlic dough balls (600 cals). Yeah, I know - that's why i was overweight. We still had pizza tonight but this time I only had 1/3 of a large pizza, which is only 600 cals. I took my glucomannan an hour beforehand. When I had finished my two slices, which I enjoyed, I sat and watched everyone else finishing off theirs and I must confess, I could have eaten another slice. But it's hard to distinguish between wanting food because you're hungry, and wanting food just because it tastes nice. I didn't feel hungry., In fact, I didn't really feel hungry even before I had it. but isn't that the problem with us chubbies? We eat even when we don't feel hungry. That's the habit we have to break. If I was really determined to overeat, I don't think the glucomannan would make any difference at all.

My daughter left a slice of her pizza, and I didn't eat it - I put it in the bin and put washing up liquid on it.

So, for the rest of the evening I was curious to see how I would feel. I had a vague urge to snack, but again that's just the habit, like when smokers feel the need for something in their hands. But, most importantly, no growly tummy!! And I was particularly watching out for that.

Exercise: 4.25 miles
Did 2.39 miles walking the dog, but I didn't do the C25K week this time. Partly because I didn't have time and partly because I had a busy day today and I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking anyway. I went grocery shopping and to a couple of other shops and did a pile of ironing which involves stepping from the board to the individual piles, to the pile to be ironing, over and over again. I watched my Star Trek during that instead. Pedometer says I still managed 11,000 steps, which is still over my target of 10K so I am happy.

superchick36 - I haven't noticed any bloating yet. I did feel a bit porky after tea, but the jeans I was wearing were new in the sale and were a bit tight when I bought them, and still are a bit tight so I put it down to that. But it's early days yet - I'll keep an eye out for any bloating.
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