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Originally Posted by alicefigs View Post
Hi everyone! Also a newbie here and these forums have helped a lot in making me decide to go on the IP diet. I'm now on day 3 and have stuck to the diet so far. I'm just worried though since I have birth control implants on (Implanon) if it will affect my IP diet?? When should one start losing?
Hi Alicefigs! Good for you for sticking through the first few days - the first week or so is the hardest to get through but just stick with it and you'll be really happy you did!

I'm not sure about the BC implants but I do know you will probably lose weight the first week. If you're weighing yourself daily and it's going to make you crazy, try staying off the scale except for your weekly weigh-in. Weight can change on a daily basis so much depending on your sodium intake, TOM, injury, etc., etc. that you really have to either accept that or just don't weigh yourself constantly.

Originally Posted by Prettynurse555 View Post
Went for my consult and weigh in yesterday. 195.5 lbs starting weight. Started IP today. Had trouble eating all my lunch SO FULL! I've had tummy cramps, which were relieved by having some water with mangosteen!
Prettynurse - if you're having problems getting all the food down in one sitting try breaking it up a little. Have your lunch packet and then an hour or so later have the veggies and lettuce - that may help. If you aren't used to eating a lot of fiber, a lot of raw veggies suddenly introduced into your diet can make you feel really full. I puree veggies to go in my soup or potato pack (see the recipe threads) and that helps get them down without the bulk.

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