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Battling Binge Eating
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Originally Posted by laceyj View Post
Mainecyn-You are not alone! There are a lot of us out there. I actually gained about 15 pounds in the last couple of months and it hasn't been pretty. I had a really terrible binge on 12/28 and kinda/sorta overate yesterday. However, the binges have been becoming further apart. Once you can start getting a few days under your belt you'll slip less. Just think of these slips as aftershocks! I've decided to log everything in MFP, even when I'm "bad." This way it tempts me to binge less and I also don't want to see all the crap that I ate! Do you have time to exercise? I got a FitBit for Christmas. I've found that if I at least get 10,000 steps in I don't feel as bad if I don't make it to the gym. It's also a motivator to take detours often!

Good luck to you. Remember, this too shall pass.
Laceyj; thank you for responding. I am currently on day 3 of non binge type behavior, and not over eating. I know the longest I went was her on this thread, lasted around 20 days. I was feeling strong and did very well, then don't know what happened, what I did. I had even tried studying myself while I was binge free to really learn what triggers them and what helps with control. Nothing. My issue seems to be that when a binge starts the actually binge gets longer and longer..I will eat for days and days..over vacation i suffered from that by having a great deal of physical discomfort.I had gone 20 plus days binge free then I binged, and for 9 days I did nothing but eat over and over binging each day and eating from morning till night. I am noticing as well that I am gaining and not able to drop the pounds I've gained from the previous binge before I binge again and gain more weight..its getting dangerous.

I seem to live in a world where no one really understands the binge eating, that it isn't normal. I often think if I was bulimic, actually vomiting instead of just binge eating, someone might understand. There have been several times when I've tried to explain it to my husband, the addictive and not in control part, he doesn't get it, no matter what. I often just get the same line from my husband about me being a strong person and I'll stop OVEREATING when I want to.

I have been there, I have dug things out of the trash after changing my mind. I often thru things away, hoping it would help, or buying things I don't like as much, I still would either dig it out of the trash, or go buy something. I also have a draw full of candy that I say I am saving for the kids..its a precaution, that drawer where I open it and just look at whats in there and promise myself that this candy isn't in this drawer for me, but its a security blanket in case a binge hits. Unfort. I often binge on candy, chocolate, etc. I had to buy stocking stuffers twice this Christmas as I at every piece of candy I had bought (we are talking bags here) for all 5 kids and my husband.

I'm doing ok today. I just keep trying to tell myself that before I know it I will get a full week behind me. I am eating a great deal of protien, really focusing on that right now trying to break whatever it is inside me that turns on that binge switch.
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