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It's come it's come!!

I wasn't sure how to take it. On the packet it said to mix with food and take three times a day, but on the website I bought it from, it says to take it with plenty of water to ensure it reaches the stomach. So I suppose to follow both directions you'd mix it with food and drink plenty of water on the side.

Also on the internet I have read to make it up into a drink and drink an hour before eating.

Well, I had literally just finished lunch - a nice healthy salad - when the packet came. I think the point of eating it with or before food is so you feel full and don't eat so much. But as my salad was carefully weighed out and I ate it all, I figured if I take it now, it will fill me up so I don't feel like snacking during the afternoon.

So I made up a glass of peach squash with water and sprinkled it in.

I'm not sure "water-soluble" is correct. It all kind of collected in the bottom in a gooey mess rather than mixing evenly with the water. It certainly absorbed the water but some of it stuck to the sides and bottom so when I had finished it I had to swish more water round in the glass and drink that to get as much of it as I could.

I'll have to experiment how best to take it.

I am very excited. I'm fine with weighing out and calorie counting my meals. I don't struggle with that at all. What I struggle with is snacking and feeling hungry between meals and in the evening. So if I can feel comfortably full on my normal meals, or even make my normal meals a little less without suffering, then this should be a breeze.
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