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Don't forget about legumes and beans- cheap and a good source of fiber and protein! Just soak overnight, rinse then throw in crockpot with fresh water or broth along with some onions, bell peppers and spices if you'd like and cook on high for couple of hours. You can make a soup out of it or some sort of dip/spread on your wraps. I love using whole black beans in taco salads (and are excellent in wraps too.) I think adding beans to meals with meat in it helps stretch it out and adds bulk as well. Chili is a good one- you can make it vegetarian or with a little meat, delicious on top of a baked potato and maybe a dollop of sour cream and/or cheese. Cheap and filling.

As for your wraps, the store bought tortilla wraps can be expensive, well for me, it is. Homemade is cheaper and you can add as much flavor as you want like spinach, tomato, jalapeņo, and/or herbs like basil, etc to your homemade tortilla wraps as well as your choice of flours. Although, I'll admit it isn't easier unless you have a rolling pin of some sort and patience, lol.

On the veggies, I buy them all, although mostly frozen and canned since it lasts longer and is usually cheaper than fresh. However if there's a huge sale on fresh, I buy a ton, blanch (if applicable), ice, pat veggies dry and freeze. I buy a big bag of potatoes since it's cheaper and store it all in my fridge.

I don't think anything is wrong with your frozen dinner habit, in fact there's a thread on here utilizing frozen dinners/entrees and supplementing them with a ton of veggies, but not sure what else goes along with it. It's called the Simple Diet or something like that. Perhaps that may be something you want to look into?

Best of luck with whatever you decide!

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