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I tried to post yesterday but the computer I was on kept freezing. Looks like we've got a couple new members since then which is awesome. More people=more accountability.

kaarin - good luck with the switch from IP to CC. I've heard great things about IP while you're on it, but I feel it's the same as any low carb diet, once you get off of it the weight seems to come back. I've seen it happen multiple times with my mom. That's why I like CC because it's more of a lifestyle change, something that I'll never get off so I don't have to worry about regaining as long as I stick to it.

Naomi1 - 1500 calories seems like a very reasonable goal. I've lost all my weight between 1550-1650. It's defintiely the slow and steady approach but I've never once been hungry and felt the need to cheat. Though I have gone over more times than I can count just not to the point that I need to binge like I used to when I tried lower calorie diets.

After consulting a couple TDEE calculators I think I'm going to up my goal to anywhere between 1599-1799 as long as I continue to exercise at the same rate that I have been. I've been burning between 2200 and 2350 this week so it's around a 500 calorie deficit. I'll see how it goes for the next little bit, though I only have a week before I go on vacation. I'm hoping that's enough time to see if it works for me.

I was at 1,693 Tuesday, 1792 Wednesday and 1585 yesterday.
2nd Restart @84.7 kg- Mar 1, 2018
Hopeful Goal Date: July 29, 2018 (5th anniversary)

1st Restart @96kg-Nov. 1st, 2012
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