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Hello All!

Today is day 1 of my reboot. Getting married in March and I have my fitting in February. Trying to lose 15 lbs by the wedding, hoping for more. I got down to 160 last year and gained 15 back. Boy did that 160 feel good!!! Can't wait to get there again.

Originally Posted by thethinwhiteduke View Post
i am restarting but was looking at doing a juice cleanse for a few days post-holiday before i restart the IP. anyone tried something like that? how will juicing impact? looking to reboot on 1/6/14....
Why? No need. You can look at it two ways: IP will clean out your system. OR, you'll clean out your system and gunk it up again with IP. Depends on your views but I see no point in doing a juicefast. Just start IP and get rollin'! That's my humble opinion.

Goal: Begin maintenance on Aug. 30th to learn how to maintain, then go back on Phase 1 next April and lose more.
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