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Manuka honey? Never heard of that, but I just looked it up. I think what is happening is that you are trading the Manuka honey for milk, right? But see, the manuka honey has no carbohydrates and you can say the same for the almond milk. So you are cutting out milk carbs is what is happening.

As for the lemon juice, that might be helpful due to digestive activity, I have to look at that further, I was trying to find some good medical articles on it but alas, not much but myths surrounding it. I do know this though, as there was a small study done, but you can become habituated to the taste (or any taste one might say) so you would not want that to happen. So maybe if you used it only a couple of times a week? That is PURE SPECULATION on my part. I'm going to try it without the honey and see if it helps. I'll try right now. I would say that if it stops working for you to give it a rest and then try it again in a few days.

As for me, doing well, not checking my weight, eating right and exercising. I sat for 14 hours yesterday working and no I don't get breaks, lol. Oh well. I can do stand up and sit down exercises, and arm stuff, but that is it.

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