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Morning all,
Good sleep but woke up at 4.00am Silly me. However I did finish a book while laying in bed and keeping warm. Day before yesterday I was laying in bed trying to keep cool.
Wellington is grey, overcast, windy and cool today. No doubt it will rain soon too. Hope I can get down the street to get to the shop for the things I forgot yesterday. Fortunately there is a convenience store a block down the road. Getting back up the hill could be interesting although I will have the milk to weigh me down I guess.

Laura - sounds like the weather is keeping you all indoors for the time being. Sad that you have to take a leave day because you can't work at home. Here we have the 1st and the 2nd of Jan as public holidays - first only in Australia. Friday - 3rd is a normal work day for most but then most people will have taken the day as a leave day to have a long break after Christmas and NYears. The project I am working on is closed until the 6th so I don't go back until Monday.

Happy - Lobsters hey?!!!! Sounds nice. I saw crayfish (lobster more or less) in the fish market at Adelaide when M and I went down to pick up the prawns for Christmas lunch. They were huge but what a price - $99 for one. Mind you it would have feed 4 people well. Cooked lobster tails were running at $300 per kilo. Guess they are out of most peoples reach these days unless you go out and catch them yourself.
Yes I had a good time with the little madam. She is managing quite easily to run the parents ragged. Mostly she is a good child but she does like her own way and she refuses to eat which drives M mad. Unfortunately you can't tell M that no child will willingly starve herself and that she (M) should count her blessings that she has a happy, healthy, bright, slightly underweight child. Her father was just the same. The fights over food drove me crazy. I went outside, repotted the orchid and talked to the dog.

Annie - Better tell Jacob that Miss S might be high maintenance when grown. He needs the chance to change his mind. She will definitely be into the finer things of life. She gets them now so why should that change.
Dinner sounds nice - except for the possibility of cabbage. I only like mine raw thanks all the same. We did have Gilligans Island some years back. Don't think I ever saw it although my sister was a fan.

Susie - soup sounds nice. I might just make some pumpkin soup today if I have time. It's easy, nourishing, warming and quick. Thanks for the idea. Take it easy on the icy roads. Don't envy you the travel in that weather. Had enough of that when I lived down south in NZ and used to wake up to a Christchurch winter or a Twizel hoar frost. Hang on to your white stuff. Don't need it down here.

Christmas break went very well. It seems M has decided I am a friend rather than a foe and we got on very well for a change. Little S is quite delightful most of the time. Like any kid she can be a bit of a devil and when DS1 describes her as Cyclone Sophia, he isn't exactly wrong. Christmas time she got far too many presents and got bored unwrapping them. They would have done better to just get a couple and put the other stuff away. Between the grandparents she got a bit more than normal as well I guess. And then we went to IKEA and I saw this little red rocking moose which she loved, so I bought that for her too. She loves it and is a bit of a daredevil on it. Hopefully she won't rock it over her toes or take a tumble on it - because it will be a trip to ER if she does. Mum will insist on it even if the only evidence is a broken fingernail.
She is currently getting the back molars and the mouth is giving her grief - which explains the I don't wanna eat bit. We went out to Stirling for a pub lunch the day before I left. She didn't want to eat and I went to the bar and requested ice blocks in a plastic glass. It was an instant hit. Numbed the mouth enough to get the happy little girl back into a normal frame of mind and she ate a fair amount of my pizza and garlic bread. Wonder what that did to the system I don't change nappies (diapers).
I also cooked up some apples for her and she ate those happily enough after a long play at the beach and a chase around the sand. She is one of those kids who need to be on the move almost constantly and therefore if the exercise is not done, then the food doesn't get a look in. Wish I could convince M of that.

Enough of that. I'd better get on with today. Yesterdays food consisted of:

Bread roll with vegemite and coffee
Small sandwich of pumpkin & potato bread with corned beef, pickles, cheese and salad leaves
Small steak with roasted potatoes, kumara (sweet potato) and some carrots
Small cube of dark chocolate.

I'm hungry now but need to exercise before breakfast so I had better get off this computer and get on with life.

See ya
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