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Originally Posted by rissimo View Post
Good Morning Restart IPeeps:

I closed my last thread and am joining ya'll here. Today is day two and so far so good. Of corse I have only been up for about an hour. I lost my job two days before Christmas, so I am enjoying getting to sleep in late for a change.

As I said in my post. In Sept of 2012 I was doing a 2 week reboot and it ended up lasting over a year and I gained almost all of my weight back. I tried to start back several times but failed miserably because my heart and mind was not in the same mindset as it was when I first started. Now I am back to where I was the first time..........Sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have been living in my scrubs because I refuse to go and buy bigger clothes.

Soooo......I am back 100%
Welcome back! I remember you back in 2012 as well. I was close to goal in summer 2012 and went from Phase 1 right into normal everyday life. Needless to say, it ALL came back. I couldn't believe it. I loved being the skinny girl who could eat anything...until I wasn't the skinny girl anymore and was sneaking fast food every day. And like you, I tried restarting many times but I think now with the new year, I am in a better place and ready to go. I am now on Day 2 and am already down 3 lbs and feeling wonderful. It's amazing how your body "thanks" you for not putting garbage in it all the time.

Also, I wanted to share that I found this cool new app called Meal Logger. I use it to simply take a picture of everything I eat and write a quick description. Sort of like the food journal I did the first time around on paper. it definitely helps to quickly see what I am eating that day and isn't nearly as tedious as MyFitnessPal.

Here's to new motivation in Round 2! we restarters know how it can come it's our time to never let that happen again and do right this time.

Restarting 1/1/14 after losing 40 lbs and reaching goal in Summer 2012, then gaining it all back. New commitment to IP in 2014 and phasing off properly.

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