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Default The Simple Diet / I Love This Diet

Ok.. so I was just doing some research on whether or not to do Nutrisystems, it's just so expensive and I know it works, I did it once with my husband after we first got married.. but then.. three children and 1 grandchild later, I'm back up and ready again.. I did WW and lost 40 pounds.. but "eating what you want" doesn't really work so well during the holidays and I've probably gained 20 back.. I dont want to do points right now, I just want to have my meals ready for me.. so I found this thread and am interested in one of the two diets mentioned.. which one is better to invest in? I can get THe Simple Diet from Ebay fairly cheap... the other one is about $50.. I just can't decide? Anyone with some good advice?

OH and coffee, creamers, etc.. I LOVE my French vanilla creamer, either in Fat Free or Sugar Free, either one is good, can I have those on these diets?

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