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Hi Everyone. We have the most beautiful snowfall this morning. It added about 20 min to my commute.

A lot of people are still off work and so the traffic wasn't too bad. I hope it will be easy to get home. DH & I ride-share to work most days, so it will be nice that we are both in the car on the way home. I worry when we have bad weather and we aren't together on the road.

I just finished eating an apple as a snack before my noon workout. Then I'll have lunch after I'm back from the workout. I brought soup...fitting day for it.

Shad: You have one busy day! Here's hoping that you had a good nights sleep, work up feeling accomplished (you did a lot!) and are ready for the new day ahead.

Annie: I heard this morning that Indy was getting a lot of snow today. Be safe out there!

Happy: I hope the PT will help with the vertigo. I didn't know you had issues with that. I have heard it can be horrible. Hopefully it doesn't affect you all the time?
I'm looking forward to connecting with you on MyFitness Pal. I'll watch for your PM.

Laura: I LOVE WFH days (we have what is called "flex anytime" and so if we need to WFH we can and we don't have to have permission; but we must treat that as a privelage and not abuse it or it can go away) and with the weather I'm glad you were had a leftover day and could just stay home.

Hi Michelle & Ceejay!

I need to get back to work. I will see you all tomorrow. Have a great day!
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