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Good morning all,

Back to work for everyone, including me. Yesterday was a late night, I got set up with MyFitnessPal and entered my food for the day. It was a calorie bomb but I know that, using up the last of the holiday food. We had some pre-cooked frozen Canadian whole lobsters that we picked up before Christmas. DH had been wanting lobster. They were small - about a pound each and really, anything under a pound and a half doesn't yield enough meat to make it worthwhile. But we had some lobster, cold shrimp and a salad so it was a nice meal.

Physical therapy just called - they have a cancellation for tomorrow so I can get in earlier to have them work on the vertigo. Yay!

Susie - I will PM you my email later. My 3FC message box is just about full - I need to go back and save some info and delete messages to make some room and then I'll send you my info. Good for you for packing the gym bag to take to work. Do you have a gym at work or some place nearby?

Laura - you sure did get socked with the snow. Over a foot I hear and more lake effect today. Good thing you didn't have to go out in it. Be careful shoveling.

Shad - sounds like you are a whirlwind of activity getting back into gear for the work week. Guess this means the holiday is over for you. Hope you had a good time with the wee one. Get a good night's sleep. I like your new avatar.

Ceejay - it always made me nervous people shooting off their guns at the stroke of midnight on New Year's. Even where I lived down south we could hear shots. I understand you about having a heavy meal at night. Seems if I eat lighter - soup or something - I look for something around 9pm which is bad. What time do you have supper when you are working?

Michelle - saw your makeover on FB - looks really nice!

Hi Annie

I'm off to get the beef stew in the crockpot before I leave for the shop. Have a good day everyone.
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