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Good morning! Monday for the second time this week!

Carol I think for now having our brains trained to P1 is a good thing. It's gotten so I kind of ignore non-P1 food right now - I may take a whiff or a look and think, oh that smells/looks good but it never crosses my mind to eat it.

Hiker: I'll bet you can't wait to move into your own place. As much as you may love your friends, there's nothing like your own kitchen, etc. When we moved here I was here for a week staying with my sister until my dh got here and I was so glad to get into our own place with all my stuff.

Had a great day yesterday - very relaxed and low-key. Dh made 2 beautiful roast beasts (yeah for leftovers!) and I even made the mashed potatoes and apple pie for the guys (I had caulimash and lemon wafers). Dh loves being my official "taste tester".

Have a great 100% day all!

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