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Us Aussies always post on the wrong end of the year/month. I always forget to hold off. Not that it matters but I have to go back to last year to find out what was said!

On plan with food
Weighed this morning - down a little
Walked my 5000 plus steps
Shopped for tomorrow
No wheat and carbs at 20g
Apparently 4 credits for today from HabitRPG - I need to work on how to understand what that means

Made a really nice Berry (Raspberry & Blueberry) Jelly with grass fed gelatin and frozen berries yesterday - an nice healthy dessert or treat so pleased about the result. Astonished at how many carbs it contains even with no added sugar. Credit for making things from scratch because packet goods just don't cut it

BillBE - I didn't know that - that -40 is same in F and C! Thank you. The other 'strange' thing I learned this week is that cicadas hatch every prime numbered year after 5 - this is because by the time they hatch there predators have supposedly forgotten they exist. Amazing. Except in Australia where they hatch in 3 or 5 years in such vast numbers that they outdo their predators anyway. Enough of that - back to your amazing snack subjugating streak

Onebyone - green with envy - I really wish that IKEA delivered here - if only! I find IKEA excellent exercise and the last time I went there I walked 9000 steps so I will have to visit soon. Enjoy putting everything together and getting your life and environment organised

Pamatga - thanks for that piece of arcane information about the new moon and new year - maybe that is why I feel so mobilized . Good luck with all the challenges. Thank you for telling us about MSE and FMG success on the blog and for being so supportive - I had a look and it is inspiring. It is interesting that so many of the members said they had problems with both money AND food

Beth(fromDayton) - LOL at the idea of guest peaking into a corner of the master bedroom closet - but I totally get what a cleaning frenzy does to one. Yes I played with my XL spreadsheet and was happy to see things going down. Good luck with your party days - you seem to have the planning under control. Great credit for recognising that you weren't even hungry!

CeeJay - it would be tough having to travel for work (not least because of that amazing cold) and organise appropriate food. So credit for making it work

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