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We had a nice New Years Eve dinner out for DH birthday. We got back to our house around 11 pm, watched the ball drop and went to bed about 1.

It has been a lazy day for me and I have enjoyed it. Back to work tomorrow for both me and DH. We are to get 2-4 inches of snow. Just lovely for the 1 hr commute.

I plan on packing my workout bag so I can workout tomorrow at lunch.

Laura: it looks like we both are dealing with cold and snow. I hope your day at work tomorrow is a good one. Thank goodness it is almost Friday!

Happy: when I read your posts and see the temperatures you have I get cold! We have cold in Ohio but not the cold you are having.
Good for you for getting the closet cleaned out. I hope that tomorrow you get your tree down and things organized. It is such a nice feeling to have it done.

I saw you list that you have been using My Fitness Pal. I use it too. If you want to friend me on there so we can be accountable with the food journaling, let me know and I will PM you my email so you can find me on there that way.

Ceejay: what a way to be woke up! When you ride your bike how long do you ride? How many miles do you ride?

Michelle, did you get your hair done and did you do anything different?

Hi Shad and Annie.

I will see you all tomorrow.
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