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Hi all,

Happy New Year's Eve to everyone!

Today was a "get the house ready for the party" day--and we tackled tasks that have absolutely nothing to do with getting ready for the party.

I grant that there was a corner of the master bedroom closet I needed to clean out, but none of our guests are going to be in there!

Food wise, I've been totally OP. Food is up to date in MFP. I still have room for an evening snack, but have been doing fine--and it's been easy today.

I didn't do much cooking today, so that helps. I did put two large pork butts in to brine--but raw pork isn't an attractive option. When it comes out of the roaster tomorrow morning, though...

I actually have considerable calories left today--and just for a second thought, "I could eat.." and my brain snapped back "you're not even hungry" and so I didn't go down that path.

Weight at 198.6 (just below ticker), recording everything streak at 22 days!

ForMyGirls: I went to your thread in the area--you are motivating a lot of people there! Big congratulations on getting down to a place that's a big deal! 27 days is awesome!

pamatga: I noticed last night that there wasn't a moon out--it was very dark when we went out to the hot tub after the ball dropped.

LoseToAll: Congrats on making your Christmas goal!

gardenerjoy: Credit for accomplishing the new year spreadsheet.

onebyone: Credit for perservering and getting the Aria set up. I'd never heard of measuring the efficiency of sleep! I guess the fitbit is cool!

BillBE: Square dancing is a riot! Congrats on 42 days! Keeping away from the dessert buffet is a wonderful accomplishment.

seadwater: Big credits for making the walk happen even when it's striding around your home.

Take care, all.
Goal: Back to where I was!
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