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Hi! I'm new here! I had an easy workout day today -- DH and I attended a 60-minute gentle yoga class.

I just finished Cathe Friedrich's 90-day XTrain rotation and am transitioning into her 90-day STS rotation now.

I did my first STS workout yesterday.

STS demands lots of time setting up & dismantling equipment, as well as frequent hitting of the "pause" button between exercises. I'm not used to that. So fingers crossed I have the patience to get through this .... However, I just came off of a 90-day XTrain rotation and am happy with the results (despite horrible eating), so I will persevere! .... I hope to get my eating together, too, because I'm bracing myself for the initial dreaded "puffy" water weight gain stage that comes with heavy weight rotations. Yuck.
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