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Default My Glucomannan experiment

I was reading this article in the Daily Mail about a drink that makes you feel full so you eat less:

And someone in the comments section mentioned that the primary ingredient was something called Glucomannan which, when i looked it up, seemed to have an actual real effect on weight loss.

So I did a bit of research and I bought some in powder form which is easily made up into a drink, or mixed with other food. And was also a LOT cheaper than the drink.

I only ordered it today so obviously I haven't got it yet, but in the interests of research when I start taking it I shall keep a record of my efforts here. Please note I will also be calorie counting and exercising as I normally would when i try to lose weight, but it'll be interesting to see if I manage to lose more than normal, and also feel less hungry than normal.

My normal weight loss seems to average at about 1.5 lb a week once it settles so anything more than 2 would be good.

Watch this space.
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