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S/C/G: 106.4/ticker/?? (kg)

Height: 169cm


Weekly weigh in today reports 92.7 (a total loss of just under 14kg).

Sub 93kg is a big deal. The last time I lost weight (about 35yo) I stopped at 93 after losing 10kg. The time before (about 25 yo) I started at 93kg, lost 12 and am pretty sure I had bounced back up within a year or two. So this is the lightest I have been since my late 20's and the first time I kept going after 12kg loss. The very cool part though is that I don't feel the slightest temptation to stop here. Woohoo!

BBE - I have often read that it takes 6 weeks to form a new habit. If that is true then you've made it! Saying no to the pairing of pear and blue cheese is a heroic effort.

Pamatga - wondering with your DH joining you in exercise - would it work to still do your morning routine and then get some bonus exercise in the evening by doing it again with him? I know that for me being able to stick to my routine is crucial in staying on track and that it would be very easy for me to fall off the wagon if I was delaying my exercise to fit someone else's timetable. Thanks for your kind words about my MSE thread :-)
Part 1 July 2013 106.4kg to Feb 2014 90.4kg Part 2 Aug 2014 97.3kg to ?? Part 3 Jan 2015 102.3kg to

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