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Smile Happy 2014 All!

I was just informed that today is the first time in 19 years that the New Year started with a New Moon and that this is to signify "new beginnings". Well, I have always thought the actual day did anyway so I guess, it has been my tradition to do so but interesting trivia that I thought I would pass on.

I was here on this site yesterday but as life has it; wrapping up loose ends meant some overtime elsewhere so I never got to post.

My team leader, in another group that I belong to, sent out her idea of 'fun' for this coming year: multiple challenges (daily,weekly and monthly) as well as all kinds of documents to fill out and then report on. I was absolutely amazed by all of the work that she has done on behalf of a group of 25 people. I plan to take full advantage of all of her hard work. I already have an established system of my own but I will also give hers a whirl as well.

Credit: spent a good deal of time the past couple of days getting my computer set up to support my weight loss efforts. Now, all I have to do is the work and then report it.

Credit: Had a serious talk with my tentative exercise partner. I like to do things alone in this area but since hubby has expressed a passing interest in getting back in shape (he is about 20 lbs overweight--all in his tummy area) I have told him that I will be flexible up to a point. If he doesn't exercise with me by 5 p.m. today then I will do so without him since I would have done this first thing today. We are doing Leslie Sansone's Walk dvd.

Credit: Finding out the calories in Moscato and having one small glass with New Year's Day ham dinner. I had black-eyed peas for "good fortune".

FYI: I just wanted to say that ForMyGirls thread on the MSE site is excellent and it has been well-received. If any one of you are interested in also linking the BDS with finances, she has got a great thread going over there. I have sat in on it and it is very informative and it has become an immediate hit. WTG, FMG!

For all of those who have posted today; maryblu, onebyone, gardenejoy and BBE, "hey", and for all of you who stopped by to read or lurk, "hey again".


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