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Originally Posted by KareVT View Post
Exactor - It goes to show, we all have our ups and downs. I'm psyched for you that you decided to nip it in the bud while things haven't completely spiraled out of control. You are here NOW and that's what counts. An IP friend recently told me, "there's no use in looking back, live in the present and strive to do your best." I'm here today to relay that same message to you and anyone else who struggles along with us.
Thanks, KareVT. That's exactly what I'm thinking - nip it in the bud now while it's manageable.

Originally Posted by swimcoachmomma View Post
Weird how tastes change. First time around celery was my go to veg. This time can barely look at it. Hmmm. Need to go pick up some turnip, zucchini and cauli for roasting plus some jicama and kohlrabi for snacking.
I know just what you mean! Foods I lived on and loved for 11 months now are not tasting and smelling the same. Wonder why that is.

Originally Posted by LizRR View Post
Happy 2014! I am in for the New Years reboot! I have ~30lb to lose post-partum. I hit goal Sep 2012, maintained, got pregnant Dec 2012, and had a little girl Sep 2013. Started off good, eating well, exercising 6-weeks pp, then pulled a muscle 2x and have blobbed out since then. I can't do P1 as I am nursing, but am going to P3-ish and testing out my muscles to ramp up workouts. Cheers and prayers for a healthy 2014!
Welcome back, LizRR! You were such an inspiration to me when I first started IP back in July 2012. You reached your goal shortly after I started and I loved reading your posts about staying on track and all of your IP recipes. You're the one who taught me to make the veggie purees which made the soups tolerable for me. Your before and after pictures and your "what are you wearing today" posts really inspired me to keep going, which I did until I reached my goal in June! Congrats on the birth of your daughter and good luck getting back on track!

Happy New Year to everyone!
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