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Good morning chicks,

to you. It was a quiet one for me. I did some writing last night and went to bed pretty late. I don't know if it's the mid week holiday or what, but it feels like any other day. I saw in the news where they are increasing the postage rates by 3 cents the end of January. People are in an uproar. I think like the airlines - the post office is going to price themselves out of business. One stamp won't bust a person's wallet but at almost 50 cents a stamp, it sure will put the death knell on people sending greeting cards. On that note I stopped in the Hallmark shop (card store Joy) and purchased a special card for Mom, Sis and Hubby - 4 cards - $17 dollars And the sentiment in the cards wasn't all that special either so.. between the price of the cards and stamps - getting too costly even for me although it's a shame, as I was digging out decorations I came across even more boxes of greeting cards - I bought a big pack this year too so now I have enough cards to probably send to every family in town And yes, I never did get this year's cards out - my one Aunt is complaining to my Mom about it. She and my Mom have gotten to the age where they count the number of cards they send out for Christmas and the number they get back. I guess I can pick up the slack from Mel with senior stories. Did I also mention that my cousin gave my Mom a huge dish of her delicious home made toffee and gave my sister a small dish which she gives to several people. Mom got an extra big plate this year. So... Sister tells me that she comes in the room and Mom is shoving pieces of toffee into her mouth FROM Sis's plate! Mom left hers all wrapped up and put away. Sis was agast because my cousin makes really good toffee. And then, I'm talking to my Mom last night and she tells me that she is saving the candy I sent her and she didn't even touch the toffee that D made. Oh really?

Anyway I am going to have to work on my computer. Something is up with a video driver that needs updating so I can play my yoga dvds. I realized too when I was looking at Weight Watchers online that because they changed their program a couple of years ago and recalculated points values, that I lost about 100 recipes I had stored. That was one of the biggest reasons I kept my account active. I might be the only person in the country who actually cancels their subscription in January but that's what I'm going to do. I'll try calculating calories for a while. So menu planning is on the list for today.

I think I want one more night of the Christmas tree and decorations so I'm leaving that up. I am working tomorrow so I'll take down all the holiday stuff this weekend which will also allow me to sort things and organize them and set aside stuff that needs to get donated or trashed.

Ceejay - good for you for riding your bike last night. Beats guzzling down wine and eating cheese and crackers Hope you have a quiet day at the office. I would think people would not be calling and bugging you today. Be careful in that icy weather.

Hello to the rest of the chicks.
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