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WooHoo!! 2014, Babee!!

This will be the Best YEAR EVER for me!! Why? 'cause it's all up to me. How I feel about the upcoming year is all in my head--how I handle things, how I do things, how I react to things. It's all up to me. I'm not dependent on anyone for income, for career choice, for my cleanliness standards, for what I put in my mouth or how sedentary I am. It's all up to me. And I'ma gonna get *things* done!

('s Jan 1.....gotta expect a little muscle flexing, especially on a site like this!)

Calories yesterday: 730. Yummy salads. (Obviously, I stayed away from the FireWater ) But feeling a bit of misery....tried adding psyllium.....major mistake....

again! I'm so happy about the New Year--an umblemished page, a fresh start. Let's do good, ladees!

Don't stop moving. Folks might think you're dead. And so will your brain.
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