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Morning and welcome to the New Year. I didn't stay up to welcome in the new year but was awakened by at least gun shots. I sat up in bed and thought what was that. Got up and looked at the clock said happy new year and went back to bed.

How is frozen wine after it's thawed? I like the old method of Weight watchers too, exchange method. My main thing is eating to heavy of a meal to late at night.

How adorable is S. And lucky you for being on the beach. That sure would be a welcome sight.

Did you make the chicken noodles? I'm going to try my hand at make dumplings this week end. I'm also craving a coconut cream pie. Do you start to work tomorrow?

My cousin had a birthday on the Dec 30, but they will celebrate that today.
Hope you had a good time.

Annie and Laura

Nothing new for me. I'm holding down the fort today at work and thankful that I do have a job.
Road the bike for 20 minutes last night.
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