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Thumbs up Hello New Year. Welcome.

Good New Year's morning Coaches!

I just simply went to bed last night. We didn't even talk of the new year. Both DH and I just wanted 2013 to be over already. I am already looking forward to changes in 2014! My fitbit flex told me I slept at a 92% efficiency, up from the 87% the night before. hmmmmm. I took 6360 steps yesterday--all at IKEA no doubt as I chose, and retrieved, some new furniture for us! for that! I am getting a chaise lounge-a real dream for me to get that and a super-long sideboard/buffet thingy with customizable doors that have inserts so I can put whatever in there (poster, fabric, collage--it's a big picture frame in essence--totally sold me those doors did!). IKEA, thankfully, now delivers so I will have IKEA parts strewn all over tomorrow when it arrives between 9 and 1. So I have my work cut out for me today: move stuff around and clear space to receive the boxes. EXCITING I TELL YA!!!!!

I also got an answer to my question to the fitbit people about setting up my Aria scale. The email told me pretty much what I'd figured out by researching the comment board but in a more (kudos to fitbit customer service email writing lady) step-by-step-do-this-then-that way. I read it to DH who is simply uninterested in helping me figure it out (not his problem) but will probably take it over when he sees me fiddling about on his laptop trying to hunt down the router info. I have one more option open to me before I do that though. Apparently people have had success setting up their scales via their mobile phones. I have one I never use (a pay as you go jobby but it eats $$$$$ bigtime) so it needs charging and some $ put on it. That's my task for today--to see if I can do it that way. Once you're connected, you are just simply Connected to your fitbit acct and it will Just Work--or so I understand it. We'll see. I'll give it a shot.

Foodwise: I am logging my food *credit* and while I did not feel hungry immediately upon awakening, now, 20 minutes later, I am feeling it. I'm not sure if it counts as part of my streak of "hungry tummy"? Does it??

I didn't go to bed with a hungry tummy though. Maybe that's the difference I should aim for. I find it hard to get to sleep when I have a truly hungry tummy. I may pursue that over the week. See what happens.

I cooked from scratch yesterday *credit* making ham and bean soup using MIL's hambone and my own hambone plus some ham kolbassa and OMG how awesome and salty is my soup!? VERY AWESOME and VERY SALTY! I had one small bowl. *credit* will freeze half for later this year.

Still didn't get to the gym but I will. I am not concerned, so long as I start back this week.

billblueeyes I associate "hungry tummy" with Pooh Bear. I cannot take credit for inventing that! Though the Pooh Bear diet would be a very restricted diet, even knowing honey has many medicinal benefits--and many flavour nuances depending on the pollen sources used by the bees to make their honey. A honey guy I knew in Ottawa could just look at the colour of the honey in a jar and tell you what flowers were the source for that honey. It was impressive. I can't vouch for the flavour variations though as I *blecch* hate honey. Thanks for the link to Users were wondering why they go with such an old protocol...? Mysteries abound!

maryblu It really is you! How great to see you again. I have to say I gasped reading about eating snapping turtle. They are pretty rare up around here--not part of our culinary culture. Don't they eat baby ducks? I know in some of our waters/lakes we have muskies--my old BF used to call them the freshwater shark! They'd take your toes if you had them dangling off a dock and your fuzzy baby ducks anytime and I don't think people ate them--too boney maybe--they were fished for their fight. I know I've swum where there were muskie and it is better not to think about it. The water is what it's all about.

Must go! Back later!

ps. was at whole foods and saw Haggis and Cracked pepper flavour crisps. They stayed in the store *easy credit* jpg attached. No snapping turtle products as far as I could tell...
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