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Originally Posted by Kelbel1210 View Post
Hi there-
Lost my weight last spring (about 15 pounds) and need a reboot after the holidays, probably having gained back 5-7 pounds. This is Day 2 for me. Although I have been lurking since spring, this is my first post. I am hoping that by posting, it will give me accountability because I have been having trouble re-starting. Thanks for the support!

Good luck on your restart Kelbel! Check out the What Are You Eating Today thread - for some reason posting your day's plan for everyone to see kind of helps you make the commitment - at least it does for me. I think there's an accountability factor.

Originally Posted by SarahJ86 View Post
Yes! I agree with you. Plus I am going on a mini vacation from weds to Sunday. But in the end after a lot of thought last night I started this morning. I told myself no excuses come on. There are always holidays or birthdays etc. So I did start and feel tired today. We will see how the next couple of days go! Hope you are doing well still! When is your second week weigh in?
Exactly SarahJ - there are always special events, birthdays, holidays, sunny days, etc., etc. If we go off plan for every single one we'll never get where we want to be. I started in April 2013 and have been 100% on plan through my birthday, the summer fun, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc., not to mention 2 surgeries. And you know what it got me? 91 pounds and 67 inches gone! So I think you have a great attitude!

Originally Posted by blondie739 View Post
Well, I'm usually not much of a poster in forums but figure its a new start and maybe I will do better with some accountability and encouragement!

Just started the "at home" version of IP after talking to my cousin over the holidays who had great results. Its been only a few days and my body is just starting to adjust. I'm pretty much still hungry for the most part of the day, and am really struggling with the 2 full cups of veggies. I don't know what to do with them and eating them plain is killing me! But I'm sticking with it, at least until I see what the results are like.

So hi everyone
Blondie, check out the recipe threads - lots of veggie recipes and purees to add to soups, etc. to help you get your veggies in. Kale chips and spinach cook down to almost nothing so are easy ones. And just to clarify - you do know that it's 4 cups of veggies you need per day?

Originally Posted by lindalou1970 View Post
Ruth ann, thanks so much for your response your answers are very helpful. I am pretty hungry during the day so i will keep my packets seperate too! I hope the hunger goes away soon!
You're welcome lindalou! And for me the hunger subsided fairly quickly except when I'd forget or get too busy to eat. In the meantime, chug the water and decaf tea!

For all the starters and re-starters - I wish you a successful journey in 2014, you can can do this and will be a much healthier you this time next year!

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