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Originally Posted by EJ WL19 View Post
Thanks everyone! Its inspiring to know that it is possible! I'm a commuter. Since I have a hard time studying at home so I'm usually in school late doing all my studying and home. I'm regularly there from 9am to 9pm. This semester I want to take my lunch. I don't know if i should take dinner too. Is it recommended to do small work outs every day? or a longer work out 3 times a week. I don't know which i feel is more effective. no matter what I can't seem to spend less than an hour at the gym between changed cardio and weights. And what does everyone do to fight cravings? The people at my job eat cheese steaks and chicken finger pizza, with fries all the time. It makes it so hard to resist. And I have a weakness for chocolate.
I drink ridiculous amounts of water, and that helps with most of my cravings. I also like those 100 calorie popcorn bags because I usually can't finish them but they're low calorie--that may not work for carrying with you (then again a lot of our study areas do have microwaves haha). As for resisting temptation...I work in a lab and ALL week people are bringing junk food to share in the break room + we have a weekly lab meeting that people bring snacks. I usually bring an orange or some nuts with me and it helps (I like/would suggest foods you have to work for, so they last longer: peel the orange, shell the nuts)
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