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Hello MissMolly and BetsyAnn

This thread might liven up again now that the holidays are over.

noz...the 4 ounces of protein is surprisingly filling if you stick to the plan. WS and MF use different proteins. MF is mostly soy whereas WS is mostly whey. That makes a difference in how full you fill and for how long. There are other factors as well, such as WS has you eating starches, dairy, and fruits. I personally omitted those carbs at first. When I get back on track tomorrow, I will likely add them back in though as I went from no activity to high activity and my muscles need fuel

You can split your proteins up. If you are not hungry come snack time, save the shake to have with your lean and green. your shake for another day and add 2-3 ounces of more lean protein and 1/2 cup of extra veggies.

I found, at first, I would be starving, but that went away after 3 days. In week 5 or 6, the amount WS had me eat was TOO MUCH! So I had to find a way around it. I added in intense exercise which increased my hunger and allowed me to get my needed calories plus some (I never ate back my calories, but ate the required amount for my BMR). I also found that sometimes, I just didn't want a shake or a snack bar, so I would make my own snacks of various recipes I researched online.

The beauty of WS is it is very flexible. If you look up the Ideal Protein threads, many people there use WS products and have a great many ideas on how to use the products in creative ways.

I have been on hiatus from dieting since August. I have not been OP with WS since then. I have not gained. I have lost, albeit slowly. I plan to get back OP on WS starting tomorrow and go until my supplies run maybe two more months? But I LOVE this program. It taught me how to count calories, how to portion control, and how to "binge" within reason. I am 76 pounds lighter and still going down. WS is a GREAT tool, if used properly.

all....looking forward to your progress, updates, and accomplishment!

Stage 1: Mini Goal 1: 265 pounds - complete 1/12/13; Mini Goal 2: 250 pounds - complete 4/17/13; Mini Goal 3: 225 pounds - completed 10/21/13
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Stage 3: work in progress

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