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Don't stay away from the computer all together. I've made that resolution last year. I do limit my time so I can get more things done.
Hope you feel better soon. Yes, an unhappy tummy makes one think twice about certain things. The only way to keep up with the nieces and nephews is through FB but even they are not posting as often as I like.

Understand about not doing a re-write.

Glad C is doing better.

Wishing all the worldlies a very Happy New Year.
I too have some things on the agenda that I want to get done in 2014. I'm getting more and more organized on a weekly basis. This year I want to paint in the living room and bathroom and get it ready for my move in 2015. I am going to plead with the landlord on getting at least new linoleum. He'll have to replace it when I move anyway.
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