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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a cloudy, windy, COLD day in my corner of the world today! Wind chill is -15. I went to church and counted money this morning then stopped for a few groceries on my way home. I plan to stay inside for the rest of the day! I'm going to start on the Christmas tree this afternoon and maybe even get it completely put away before dark.

When we were Christmas shopping Bob found a quilted lined fleece jacket like Jason likes to wear. He tried it on and decided the sleeves would be too short for Jason but Bob really, really liked it so I said to get it and Merry Christmas for himself. He was going to wear it to the office this morning, and it still had one of those plastic security thingys on it. He was going to pry it off but I knew it would leave an ink blob so talked him out of it. Fortunately, I still have the receipt so we will be making another trip to Sioux City. I'm surprised we got out the door with it.

Maggie -- I take my own polish to the salon, but the products they use look the same as they always have. It's anybody's guess. The OTC ointment has done wonders just since I took the makeup off yesterday and have been using it. No itching, redness, nor peeling today.

"Gma" -- I really like the hat and scarf! Such pretty yarn and pattern! I've used the same makeup, shamppo, etc., for years so have no clue what it might be. My sister is allergic to nail polish so I did take mine off. I still have the layer of "whatever" it is on the nails though. I feel so much better than yesterday it's unbelievable. I did use shampoo this morning as I wash my hair every day when I shower first thing in the morning. Not sure what I will do about makeup; I had been using Bare Minerals powder and thought maybe that might be even more drying to my skin. My dad had sensitive skin and so does Ian; Ian gets a rash on his body every winter and has since he was a baby.

I need to get busy before the afternoon gets away from me! Wishing you all a Happy New Year! May 2014 be the best year yet!

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