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Originally Posted by Becky Quilts View Post
Weight loss is 80-90% in the kitchen, so don't be discouraged that an injury will prevent weight loss! A Snicker's bar is barely under 300 calories; a 150-pound person would have to run 3 miles to burn that off. (All round numbers.) The point being: it is usually easier to control the food that's coming in, rather than try to burn off the overages.
I too lost weight before exercising: my knees are fussy and I didn't want too much extra stress on them. Everyone's story is a little different.
I think this pretty much sums up what I was hoping to add to the thread! You can still begin losing weight solely focusing on diet.
I used to have problems with having pain in my heels from standing or walking too long, I've noticed with the weight loss that pain has going away quite a bit.

What I have done is find meals and snacks that are easy to prepare in a microwave or eat cold. I live in a dorm so all I have access to is that and a meal plan, which I tend to skip for the most part. I think just stocking up on healthier snacks helps tremendously. I don't normally pack snacks to take with me, since I always head back to my dorm between classes so I can switch the books and homework that I need, so I don't feel like a pack mule all day. But when I did have to pack a snack I would put some whole grain crackers and cheese in my bag or something similar to that. In addition to this I count my calories with my LoseIt! app.

In terms of exercising, I know realistically I don't have much time to workout, so instead I just made easy switches to be more active. I try to walk more when running errands or getting to class, and I take the stairs instead of elevators. If you're like me and are always at class right on the dot instead of 5 minutes early, I'm sure you will get a lovely sweat and mini-workout just by running up 3 flights of stairs to get to class on time.

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