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Good morning to you ladies. It is another cold morning here. Jack say they had snow flurries on and off out at the plant all day yesterday. I never stuck my nose out of the house so have no clue whether it did anything here or not. It is about 26 degrees at the moment, which is cold for our overnights. I look forward to spring that's for sure.

I have a hair appt on Saturday to get it cut and colored. It seemed to do better this time colorwise than last. It didn't fade as fast, but then I tried to wash it in lukewarm water if I showered then turned down the cold water some to wash. I always wash my hair in the sink in cool water to hold the color.

Packages, packages, packages! Looks like we are going to be unlocking the gate everyday after the holiday. Jack has meds coming, my bracelet, my yarn and the duffle bag. Everything but the duffle is coming postal and the duffle UPS. I ordered 4 more skeins of the yarn for my sweater just in case. It was on sale 50% off and I can always use it for something else or send it back, but I will more than likely keep it even if I don't need it. I definitely don't want to run out this time. Looks like though it will actually work this time. I have 10 rows then I start armhole decreases on the back and I am on my 4th skein. The front is always shorter than the back or almost always so I imagine it will be ok. I finished the scarf and hat for my girlfriend. I will probably get her a gift card to go with it this year. I have a bunch of points on my rewards credit card so I may use those or get her a Target gift card.

I have to keep the car on Friday and go to the women's center and get my mammogram films for my appt the 16th. It would sure be nice if she could do the procedure on the 20th, which is the following Monday as Jack has it off for MLK day. He also has off Feb 17th for president's day so it would be nice if we could schedule the hysterectomy for that day, but I have to get the darn referral people to get me a referral for him first.

Jean: I told Jack about your allergy issue last night and what you said and told him if it were me, I would add back in shampoo first. I am not sure I could stand days and days of having dirty hair. I could look like a hag and my skin could peel off, but dirty hair, no!!! Hope they can figure out what it is. I know I can't use the Oil of Olay stuff as it does that to my skin. I feel like I have gone through a chemical peel when I put on their products. Could be a medication too as I have itching on and off with my diabetic meds and it is just in one place on the left side of my abdomen, but it can itch so bad I want to claw my skin off.

Maggie: You could really slim the drink down by using ff yogurt and getting the Tropicana 50+ orange juice which is less calories and sugar. I will have to try that sometime and see how it tastes. Eating out a lot can be a killer on a diet. You think you are doing well with choices, but you just don't know what is going on back on the kitchens of restaurants. We stay home a lot more than we used to. Right now I am fighting to start losing again, probably because I am still trying to adjust to the diabetic meds and they make it harder to lose weight. The holidays didn't help either but they are behind us now so forward to weight loss for the year.

Everyone have a great day. I am going to sit and finish the scarf while I wait for the clothes to get dry. Faye
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