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Weight loss is 80-90% in the kitchen, so don't be discouraged that an injury will prevent weight loss! A Snicker's bar is barely under 300 calories; a 150-pound person would have to run 3 miles to burn that off. (All round numbers.) The point being: it is usually easier to control the food that's coming in, rather than try to burn off the overages.
I too lost weight before exercising: my knees are fussy and I didn't want too much extra stress on them. Everyone's story is a little different.

So, what's a college student to do? My 2c, plan, and do some combination of a all-week prep day, or make intentional leftovers and pack them in individual containers right away. The end goal is to have grab-and-go food for during the week, to make it easy to pick healthy and measured portions. Freezing leftovers is a great option: I will take mine to work and by the time lunch rolls around it is defrosted enough to microwave quickly. Additional bonus to freezing is if you don't want to eat the same meal 4 times in a week, it stays in the freezer easily for next week.
Precut veggies and pack into ziplocks for the week, keep whole fruit handy. If fresh stuff it hard to budget for, the next best is frozen.
Having a slow cooker is lovely for cheap cuts of meat, and having a hot meal when you get home after a long day is nourishing to your heart and mind as well as your body.
If you're going out to eat, do some homework ahead of time to figure out what the best choice or two are. Restaurant food isn't always what it seems - salads can often be a calorie bomb in a bowl.

Like a previous poster said, know when it's time to just stay in maintenance mode; maybe starting with the New Year will give you some good time to get in the groove, but if watching your diet on top of mid-terms or Finals then go into maintenance mode and focus on your studies. Just pick things back up when you're ready. It's a process, not a destination. Which leads me to your weight goal. Whether you make it or not depends on a ton of things, some in your control and some not. Your first and biggest goal should be positive progress. I know I have a number in the back of my head I can't shake so I know better than to tell you to put the timeline away. BUT - try to be flexible, and try to understand it isn't going to be a straight line from here to there. Keep moving in the right direction and pat yourself on the back for the small victories, because they will add up.
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