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I lost the bulk of my weight during my first undergrad degree. I actually found it much easier to find the time to fit in workouts/food prep vs. when I was working full time after I graduated. The best thing to do is make a big schedule of all your commitments on a standard week and schedule your workouts, just like you would any other appointment. I usually had class from 8:30 - 10:30am every morning and then had 1-2 hours off before my next class. That was when I would workout. The gym was always quiet and it was still early enough that I got it out of the way. Most university gyms offer plenty of classes you can take (mine were included with my membership) as well. I really liked spinning (which can burn just as many calories as running for the same amount of time). Most of the time though, I did my own circuit training to work in cardio with my weights so that I was more efficient.

In terms of food, it makes a big difference if you're living on campus or off. If you have your own kitchen I really recommend batch cooking things like chills and stews and freezing them for later. I always do a big cook when I know I have a busy week of tests and assignments because then I don't have to worry about coming home and having nothing for dinner or choosing convenience over quality.
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