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Hey found the thread! Glad you're here...I need help counting!

I haven't counted calories from yesterday...not sure I remember everything. Let's just say...not the best day for me. Not a Move-The-Comfy-Chair-In-Front-Of-The-Refrigerator Day, more like a nibble-too-much-and-not-move-around-enough day.

Buttttt....I will add it all up, take my lumps, smack myself on the cheeks a few times, and get back to work.

I don't use MFP, loseit, or fitbit (sounds like something you put in your horse's mouth to help it lose weight). I use an Excel spreadsheet and scribble things down on my Note during the day. Old fashioned, I guess.

I should look into MFP. Sounds like everyone can see your meal plans? I could use some more

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