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Post "Moving Forward" Structured 8 Wk WL Challenge

This is an open invitation to all 3FC (and roosters too) to join a structured 8 week weight loss challenge. The first one of 2014 will start on the first Monday of January which is January 6th. The weight loss tool that we will be using throughout the 8 weeks is an excel spreadsheet which has everything that you will need to "tick off" during the time you are participating in the challenge. It will include both diet and exercise.

Caveat: I am NOT a personal trainer nor a professional. I have participated in this same 8 week challenge, which will run concurrently throughout the calendar year, in the past. If you work it, you will see results. Also, I am NOT the originator of this "boot camp" challenge. It was created by a fellow weight loss person years ago and I have tweaked it since I have lead this challenge in 2013. However, I have not altered the "meat n potatoes" of the program; just some site references since I was leading it on another online weight loss site.

Prior to accepting this challenge, if you have any serious health issues, please check with your personal doctor or trainer before becoming involved with this challenge. To make this so it is "user-friendly", it is up to you to choose a healthy weight loss food plan. I am NOT endorsing any particular food plan since I believe that "one size does NOT fit all!"

However, the rest of the program is both "common sense" (which I didn't always have when it came to losing weight) as well as "conventional wisdom". We are NOT reinventing the wheel here! There is no Magic Bullet in this challenge. The results you get are from "showing up" and "walking the walk" day in and day out.

Requirement: Report weekly to this thread once a week on Mondays. You will report your weekly weigh in as well as how you did the previous week with the "challenges" that week. You can be as brief or as lengthy as you wish.

IF you are involved in another group here or another site and your weekly weigh-in date is other than Mondays, you may report that provided you mention which day of the week you are reporting. I will make a note of this when I am tallying each weekly's results. Please be fair and only post your weight once a week, wherever that falls. Also, please have your weekly weights in by Tuesday evening 5 p.m. EST (unless illness, family emergency or traveling but let me know) so that I can tally the results for the entire group and then post the weekly results on Wednesday by 5 p.m. EST (ideally).

If there is a tie between people, the person with the most percentage of body weight lost will be that week's winner. I do like to award a prize of some kind by the end of the 8 weeks so this is why I ask for the weekly weigh in reports and why I keep track.

In order to receive the excel spreadsheet, please provide me in a PM (private message) with an e-mail that I can mail it to you as an attachment. We start on January 6th.

Good luck all! Pamatga (Pam)
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