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I'm brand new to this board and to IP (on day 5 today) but I was wondering about this thread. I plan to be OP 100%...why would I want to cheat!?! I don't plan on eating anything that I'm not supposed to, the cost of the plan alone is a deterrent plus I want to keep moving down. I've tried so many other plans and have a few friends on this and it appears it really works...and I want it to work for me, too!

So is this thread mostly to chat and check in? I'm excited for my first weigh-in (yes, I said excited!) on Thursday!! So far so good. I've had TONS of temptations around me. I started the day after Christmas and there is lots of candy and cookies around me. Plus, my husband had a poker party on Saturday night and all of the guys brought lots of junk food. I'm determined to make this work.

I haven't set a definite goal. I'm sort of scared to do that. I thought it would be to lose 50 pounds, but when I checked the BMI calculator, it was that would still be overweight. So, it would need to be 60 pounds to be in normal and honestly that scares me. That's lower than I've been since high school!

I also plan on rewarding myself at each 10 pound increment...small things (and obviously not food!). Manicure/Pedicure, Massage...maybe even a vacation with my husband after 50.

Anyway, not sure if this thread is the right place for me, but I am definitely on this 100%!
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