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Originally Posted by LisaAnn View Post
Hi everyone.

I started IP today - it went pretty well except for a low grade headache all day.

I weighed 219.
50 years old.

Wasn't sure what to put down as a goal, so I just picked 160.

I'm nervous about the cost and the change in food preparing. But, I'm giving it a shot.

I'm not much for spending time in the kitchen. But, it looks like that's about to change.

I hope and pray that I make it on this. I want off my depression medication.
Good Morning LisaAnn! I am the same height and have the same goal. I think you've set yourself a good goal. I based mine off of BMI. I used the calculator in the link below.

Since I don't remember what 160 feels/looks like, I feel like it's on the higher end of the 'normal' grid based on the website. When I get there, I might want to loose more or stay!

You know what? The cost is really what keeps me motivated. If someone temtps me with wine or cookies, etc, I tell myself that it wastes 3 days of previous work and the next 3 days to get back into ketosis. Know what that means? 6 days...gone. $80...gone. So then I ask myself, if I went to the grocery store and bought wine, would I spend $80 on it? Absolutely not! It's not worth it to me right now. Spend the money now so that when you get to P4, you can occasionally enjoy the treats again!

I too am on medication but not for depression, it was for blood sugar because I was close to diabetes. That scared the crap out of me, diabetes runs in my family! I HATE taking daily pills. I was terrified of getting diabetes. That alone is incentive to stick with IP because it works!

I know you said you don't love the kitchen but I think you'll either find a love for it through all these recipe threads or you'll get the basics down and won't spend much time in there. Sometimes I really don't feel like rocking it in there either so i'll chop, season and throw in the oven for a bit. I even have these ziplok steam bags and can toss my veggies in the microwave for a few minutes and BAM, dinner!
Final Goal:
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