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Good morning everyone.
Today I will try and finish up my cleaning chores and knit, knit, knit or read.

We got a great deal on another bag for vacation. Jack wanted the same sized bag, a medium size, on rollers so he could roll the duffle instead of having to carry it on board with our Sunday evening dinner clothes and hygiene. I hate getting a bazillion emails everyday from companies I have ordered from, but let them continue because you do get deals from time to time and we did yesterday. I save $15 and got free shipping on this bag. So now Jack can drag it behind him instead of carrying it.

Maggie: Thanks for the recipe. I don't eat a lot of yogurt, but do from time to time and this sounds nice. I have used the cocoa mix a few times and like it a lot. Just 1 pt for 1/4 c and water so you can beat that for a nice cup of hot cocoa. Having a partner in weight loss is always great especially if it is the guy you live with!

Jean: I knew that nasty ole cold weather was going to sock it to you. We have a very cold day here today and tomorrow and on Friday. Temps seem to be all over the place with us. Jack falls asleep watching tv all the time. We have that double recliner and I will be sitting in it knitting and he will be watching something with the remote on his chest and pretty soon I hear ZZZZZZ. I just reach over and take the remote and turn it off and he rears up and says, "you didn't have to turn it off!"

Well girls, breakfast time. Have a great start to the week. Faye

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