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Originally Posted by Topspeed02 View Post
Think I'm gonna go buy protein and veggies tomorrow.... Just have a hard time putting these meals together everyday and not being bored with it.... My goal is 100 pounds.... Totally scared to death I cannot do it. Feel like I have failed already.....
I try not to restrict or deny myself, otherwise I just end up bingeing. I understand what you mean about becoming bored, it's so easy during weight loss to just eat the same thing over and over and then just get sick of it, so try to vary your menu. Do you count calories? I'm thinking that perhaps you might have had a calorie issue stopping your weight loss before, rather than a exercise issue. You might need to look up how many calories you need to be eating for your height and weight to succeed in losing weight. Anyone would be daunted at the thought of losing 100 pounds, so maybe break it into smaller goals, with 100 being your eventual target weight, but your first goal at say, 10 pounds and the next at 20, etc. I hear your fear of not being able to lose, it's echoed by so many people on this forum, but you're taking steps toward a healthier and happier you, so you should be proud of that! I so much look forward to hearing about your progress, so please keep us updated!
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