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It's so easy to get discouraged when you don't see the scale move, isn't it? I made a deal to only weigh myself once a week during weight loss (more during maintenance). I too, am in the middle of a slide, which if I don't stop now, will result in a weight gain. So, although I haven't yet been able to get back on my healthy eating plan, I did start exercise again, to hopefully curb some of the effects of so much bingeing, and just doing half an hour exercise really motivated me to get back into it. You didn't mention what weight loss plan you were following, so I can't really advise you there, but you did lose weight so it did work to some extent. If you're happy with that, then keep going, if not, maybe tweak it or research another alternative and in the mean time, maybe start exercising (just do what you can do if you can't or don't have the energy to get back into jogging). Most of all, good luck!
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