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Post Trying to get back on track with this weight loss thing!

Hey everyone! My name is James and I'm trying to get some motivation to get this weight loss goal back on track. A little background on my self..... I'm 6'2, 31 yrs old and where a size 44 pant now. and now weigh due to ill call it a depression of motivation, back to 327 pounds..... I really noticed it this morning looking in the mirror and could tell my belly is getting bigger again and shirts are starting to get tight. I did really good when I first started doing this about 4 months ago.... Got down to about 290 pounds and could fit some older 42 and almost 40 pants I had saved in my closet. I think I made the mistake to try and buy some new pants and nothing worked that I tried on..... Needless to say my wardrobe now consist of sweats and some shorts I have and it's getting cold in Florida now. I was doing about 2 miles a day half walk/jogging and using run keeper to try and keep a log. But without seeing good results that has now sent me into a out of control weight gain and need some guy perspective advice to help me try and get out of my head and get this weight off. Girls are aloud to help as well..... Thanks in advance!
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