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Hi Everyone,
It's day two of my restart. I've had occasional headaches, but they haven't been too bad.
Lindaloo (sorry if I misspelled): I am a snacker. It's one of the things I need to work on. My coach told me it was okay to split my protein and veggies if it helps me. I also sometimes split my restricted into two or three servings, especially during those certain times where cravings can get super-intense. IP is interesting in that there are times you have to remind yourself to eat, because you just don't get hungry. It's actually kind of amazing. There are other times where I found myself craving something from a commercial or wanting comfort foods, then realized that it was stress or a habit and not really hunger that was motivating me. With time and practice, along with a lot of great advice and support on this forum, we will all be successful.

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