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Originally Posted by SarahJ86 View Post
Yeah I read that salt trick too! That is too bad you have to work while feeling that way. Maybe it will take your mind off of it? I guess everyone reacts to the first couple of days differently. I bet Onederland in a couple days!! How exciting! I don't want to take before pictures on Monday lol in tight clothes, sigh. But I guess it will be worth it to see the change!
For the most part working keeps my mind off of eating. I tended to use food as a reward so when I wasn't at work I would "reward myself" by relaxing with food. But I read this quote that said "I'm not a dog, I will not reward myself with Food." because really what kind of reward makes you feel like crap?!

I took some pictures of myself in a bikini that I bought optimistically a few years ago. They are depressing but now I can check them out on my phone if I'm feeling temptation. Plus, by bathing suit season that bikini is going to fit and I'm going to look good in it or so help me god!
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