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Originally Posted by Changergirl View Post
skelley331- I'm with you on the night eating. I do so well during the day, I plan everything out and pretty much eat it to a tee, then I get home and there's extra chocolate and snacks leftover from xmas and I can't help myself but eat some. It's worse on the weekend when I have access to them all day! Good for you on figuring out trigger foods. I try to pretend I don't have any, clearly a lie…it's all about chocolate. Up until a month ago I was fine with a proper serving of chocolate, 28 grams, now it's never enough and it causes me to go back for seconds and even thirds. Unfortunately my husband bought me a ton for xmas so there's lots of temptation.

My goal for the next bit is exercise. I really haven't done any set exercise since July which is terrible. However I now have no idea how much I should be eating. I think I'm going to take the next week or two to determine how much I should be eating. I was losing at 1570 doing no exercise at all. The last three days according to my new FitBit I've burned between 2100-2200 calories. On Xmas, when I never left the house it told me 1854. I'm not sure if this means I should be eating 200-300 more calories to account for exercise or if I should try to stick with 1570 but not beat myself up if I'm hungry and decide to eat more.

I'll still be checking in here, but I'm not sure if I'll be under my calories because I don't know what my calories are!!! Yesterday I was at 1652. It could have been lower since it included chocolate, wine and a hot chocolate.

Changergirl: I'm glad you accepted my invite on myfitnesspal, as far as the calories burned 1854 you said showed when you never left the house on xmas day, the fitbit flex band I wear 24/7 except when showering starts from midnight to midnight and it calculates the calories burned while resting and daily activities! I love how my flex band calculates my calories I can eat as the day goes on , I have it set for calories in calories out! I was doing so great before the holidays so my true goal is to start back on 1/1/14 and get these last 15 lbs off hopefully for good.

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