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Good morning, ladies! Raining yet again but in the 50s now and headed for 63 this day.

Apparently my email got hacked. I got an email from Yahoo telling me to change my password for there had been "suspicious" activity on my account so if you got anything from me, just delete it.

Faye, Glory is 2 miles from Langley. It's probably good she doesn't get care there for that is where they diagnosed her husband with indigestion and an hour after she got him home he died of a massive heart attack. I love mushrooms, raw or cooked, and eat at least one box of them every week.

Maggie, you and Will have a great plan for the new year and WW. I go back to work there on Thursday and Saturday this week. I'll know it will be packed.

Jean, it's good you were able to sell off most of the Christmas items. No one likes to carry them over. I was at Walmart yesterday and they have the summer clothes out. I did pick up a pair of Lee Rider jeans in black for $5 from the clearance rack, but there wasn't anything like warm clothes left in the store.

Have a wonderful day.

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