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Lexxiss Just returning from the wilderness to see your great news about someone moving in, another unit rented in a few months nad as ever moving forward. So great to read. Kudos x 100 to you.

Everyone Hello. I went away to Florida at the beginning of the month and came back in time for the ice storm which knocked out our power and then it came on before my mother's did and my MIL's did so we had them over and I have been out of power since their stay. MIL was SUPER critical of our home, and said so. It started with the ever familiar start of these types of conversations "It's none of my business but..." and you know you're going to get it *whack*. So, she thought the bathroom was disgusting-we thought it was pretty clean. So when she was out on a smoke break from us all I said to her " You may be here until the weekend so tell me what I need to do so you will be comfortable having a shower in my bathroom." My mother was here as well so I got her involved cleaning the small things that sit on this small bathroom cabinet. Then I got so everything was done but the floors-hands and knees scrubbing required I was told-and my DH said "You have to come out here now. Your mother is talking about leaving." My mom has alzheimer's and as she had already stayed over for the night (one long terrible amost sleepless night for me sharing a bed with her...) she was starting to get very disoriented. With her, it's worse as her routine gets disrupted longer and longer. So I had to tell MIL I can't do the floors. My mom needs me to sit right beside her to calm her down. So that's what I did and thankfully we got the call that the residents of her home had their power back and I could bring her back too. DH, by this time, had exited the apartment. He was about to throttle his mother. SO we all waited anxiously for him to get home. My mom fought me all the way back to her place that I was just dumping her somewhere. I know/knew it was the disease talking but it's tiring. While we were gone, MIL called her "reliable neighbour" NOT who said, oh yeah, her power came on early that morning. Gee should have called you I guess. DUH So once I got back they were ready to go and then we made plans to have xmas afterall. I LOATHE xmas. It gets worse every year. So xmas is today. Mercifully it will be only a few hours as we are bringing my mom to MIL house for the 1st time and it turns out DH's aunt and uncle will be there too. I have no clue how my mom will be through this. I was supposed to make cabbage rolls but couldn't do it, so we bought some at a local Romanian deli. I'm half Hungarian so these cabbage rolls are similar. We had to go back and get more when we found out we'd be having two more guests. Wow. Sorry to be going on and on so. I guess I am really stressed out. Anyway, all this to say I felt and still feel, hurt by my MIL's reaction to my place and I guess I need to get over it now/soon and just keep moving forward. To our eyes, we are doing much better and we have been maintaining our spaces and we have more usable space than when I started this challenge. It's all in your perspective I guess. BTW DH told me that MIL once got a maid and would clean before the maid and then complain that the maid didn't clean properly and she would then clean after the maid had cleaned as well. ME thinks her standards as skewed equally as mine, but in the other direction.
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