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Hello everyone, I stand with each of you. Thank you Snickers for starting this thread!!! I started in August I've lost 45 lbs and was loving the diet, I love coming up with recipes and finding ways to feel like I'm eating breads and pizza's, and I was successful. Then as I prepared to head into the holidays being good I got interrupted with a bowel obstruction. Spent 10 days in the hospital where they didn't feed me at all except through an IV. Fun Fun. They give you Glucose through the IV which really gave me bad cravings, it flooded my Tank with sugar. So when I finally could eat being healthy wasn't at the top of my list. I did the pity party for myself saying I could eat what I want. Had to wait 8 to 10 wks to heal before going back on per the surgeon. Well I'm certain I've gained back the weight lost in the hospital (11 lbs) along with a few more. I start back with my coach on Monday! Here's the scary thing for me. I do not know if my shrinking is causing the old scar tissue to adhere to my bowel so continuing to lose and get smaller could cause me to have another one. They don't know and won't say. So I proceed anyway because I am not happy with me this way. But I will adjust my weight goals and perhaps not plan to get as small as I thought at first. If anyone has experience with Scar tissue I'd like to hear about it. Wish me luck!!!!

Good Luck to all of you, we can do this together!!!!!!
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